Comparison Samsung galaxy S4 Vs apple iphone 5


which better between Apple iphone 5 and Samsung galaxy S4 ?, both Apple and Samsung produce wonderful products, apple has iphone 5 beside Samsung has Samsung galaxy S4 both are amazing smartphone with their own Strengths and weaknesses, in this article i will show you comparison between iphone 5 and samsung galaxy S4

Design Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Iphone 5

Galaxy S4 handset is made of thin plastic and doesn’t fell as the exspansive product but samsung galaxy S4 has awesome design with 5″ screen and the rounded edges and glosy plastic can make it comfortable to hold and use, in other side Iphone 5 made of high grade alumunium and have premium quality,light, compact and expensive aura for this reason i give one point for apple and zero point for galaxy S4,

Samsung galaxy S4 and Iphone 5

Display : Samsung galaxy S4 vs Iphone 5

5″ (1920 X 1080, 441ppi) display of the samsung galaxy S4 with the giant display from samsung you can watc video or playing game be interisting and feel much than smaller display, one point for Samsung galaxy S4 and zero point fro iphone 4

Processor : Samsung galaxy S4 vs Iphone 5

iPhone 5S: Apple A7 processor
Samsung Galaxy S4: Quad-core 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor

Apple made a big deal about its new A7 processor, claiming that it is the world’s first 64-bit mobile chip and will make the iPhone 5S one of the fastest smartphones in the word, offering 40-times better CPU performance than the iPhone 5. However, as always, Apple declined to disclose the speed of its A7 processor, making it difficult to know how it will compare to the quad-core 1.9GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 powered Galaxy S4 in real-world performance.

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